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What Jobseekers Want to Know

Though some companies provide “nice to have” perks, oftentimes, they are not enough for job seekers. They have a specific list they want to know from future employers before they onboard an organization.

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Job Portals in India

With 53 million unemployed Indians as of December 2021 (and growing), the need for efficient job portals has never been more crucial. So we compiled the top 20 job portals in India to help you with your job search.

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Optimized CV that Matters

An optimized CV matters. Most hiring managers, recruiters, and consultants nowadays use the Application Tracking System or ATS to scan, sort, and rank job applications according to their relevance. Is your CV ATS ready?

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Commonly Used Interview Questions

Preparedness for the commonly used interview questions already solves half of your worries about your ideal job. The first impression may not last forever, but the initial meeting with a future employer must be impactful. Learn the commonly used interview...

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